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As a global company, which is considered a leader in the Israeli market, A. A. Politiv is focusing its efforts in expanding its activities abroad, specifically in markets where there are major agricultural crops.

Company Mission 

  • To continue learning, understanding and foreseeing the changing desires and ambitions of its clients.
  • To provide its clients, all over the world, with solutions that are creative, flexible, unique and competitive.
  • To keep its tradition of maintaining warm personal relationships with its clients.
  • To insist on providing the highest level of service while meeting the needs of all its clients around the world.
  • To expand its activity around the world while keeping its professional edge.
  • To invest efforts in preserving the company's human capital by promoting its managers and employees and enabling them to develop professionally.
  • Investing highly in new products development and to adjust them to the changing world's climate.
  • To preserve the environment by development of environment friendly products (biodegradable)


A. A. Politiv is committed to maintaining the highest uncompromising quality of its product, while strictly adhering to the international regulations and standards. A. A. Politiv is committed to providing products that are suited, in terms of their quality and features, to the various applications for which they are intended.

A. A. Politiv is committed to providing its clients with the best product for each application, while collaborating with the client, and striving to improve the quality and expand the range of its products. The company strives to maintain long term relationships with its clients, as it provides them with technical and technological support. A. A. Politiv offers its clients the experience and expertise it has acquired during the 26 years of its activity, and provides a direct, speedy and reliable solution to any problem or question, at any location across the globe.

Outstanding Quality and Service…


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