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Pallet Covers

Pallet covers are available in shrink and non-shrink. The five sides cover protects load from dust, dirt, moisture and even UV radiation (specially designed for sensitive material packaging). The pallet cover provides better protection against moisture, dust and tampering than stretch film. Also, the pallet covers life time much longer than stretch film.

Shrink pallet covers are used to protect widely different packaged commodities and to hold load securely. The shrink are stronger than stretch wrap and provides better protection. Shrink pallet covers are easy to use: place over load and heat shrink. The pallet covers come in several forms:  

  • Clear and tinted

  • UV stabilized for outdoor application.

  • Covers with UV radiation blocker to protect provide UV radiation damage.

  • Covers with anti-static properties.
  • Covers with high C.O.F



  • Chemical Industry.

  • Building industry.

  • Hygiene industry.

  • Roof and roof tile industry.

  • Plastic raw materials industry


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