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Mulch film

Mulch film is a protection cover over the soil, primarily to modify the effect of the local climate. The most powerful feature of plastic mulch is the impact it has on light. Light is responsible for creating both, heat and color. Plastic mulch can impact the development of heat increasing or decreasing it, depend on color.

Mulch advantages:

  1. Earlier harvest: the soil temperature in the planting bed is raised, promoting faster crop development and earlier harvest.
  2. Reduce evaporation: soil water loss reduce under plastic mulch. As a result, irrigation frequency can be reduced
  3. Reduce fertilizer leaching: fertilizers are optimally used and not wasted.
  4. Soil compaction reduction: The soil under mulch remains loss and well aerated.
  5. Root pruning eliminated: due to cultivation eliminating.
  6. Cleaner vegetables product: no soil is splashed onto the plant and fruit, resulting, clean product.
  7. Weed growth control: the mulch film blocks the photosynthesis light. The weeds can't survive under these conditions.
  8. Insect management: Silver and white reflect light. Reflected light seems to prevent Aphids from seeing the plants. Yellow attracts whitefly

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Mulch films - A.A. Politiv (1999) LTD.
Mulch films- A.A. Politiv (1999) LTD.

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