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Spreading Instructions for IR Sheets

IR sheets containing anti fog additives (anti drip additives) are manufactured using multi layered machines. Therefore the composition of each and every layer is different and serves a different functional purpose. When the IR sheet is correctly installed, and the structure of the greenhouse is suited , studies have shown that the crop’s growth rate is increased, and the yield is greater than when using a sheet which does not contain these additives.

To make the most out of the anti fog sheets, follow the following guidelines:
  1. The roof of the greenhouse / tunnel must have a minimal slant of 15 degrees, while the optimal slant being over 30 degrees. If the roof does not have an adequate incline, the layer of water that is created cannot "slide" over the sides and the water may drip on the crops. >
  2. The sheet must be installed shortly after purchase. In the event that the sheet is not spread out immediately, care should be taken to store it under a shade, with a maximal temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. Failing to do so may result in shortening the lifespan of the product.
  3. In structures with support cables, a problem may arise as a result of cable obstruction, which may prevent the water from sliding off the sides. In such cases, the number of cables should be brought down to a minimum, and the necessary few that remain must be installed in a manner that will not obstruct the water from sliding off the sides.
  4. The sheets must be spread so that the external side of the sheet (side 1) is turned towards the plants, meaning into the greenhouse, whereas side 2 needs to be facing the sky.
See the illustration below.

A.A. Politiv - Spreading Instructions for IR Sheets A.A. Politiv - Spreading Instructions for IR Sheets
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