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Guideline for handling and use of greenhouses film
  1. Handling and storage of the film:
    1. Particular care should be taken when loading, transporting, unloading and stocking the rolls.
    2. Don't drag the rolls on the floor. We don't guarantee damaged caused by dragging the rolls.
    3. Store the rolls in a shaded, dry and protected from direct sun light.
    4. The rolls should be stored horizontally on a smooth and dry surface in the original wrapping.
    5. Don't store the rolls more than 10 months.
  2. Greenhouse preparations:
    1. Reinforce the greenhouse structure and replace defective parts.
    2. Replace PVC profiles with wood or metal profiles.
    3. Remove any sharp edges which might damage the film and make shore that the metals and wood parts that come in-contact with the film are smooth.
    4. Cover the edges and the sticking out parts with Polyethylene strips.
    5. Paint all metals and woos parts that come in contact with the covering film using acrylic based white paint. Installing the film on a dark frames and profiles (metal and wood), accelerates the film degradation.
    6. Re-paint the A.M. parts as necessary.
    7. Replace any rusty metal parts. Contact between the covering film and rusty metal will cause film degradation.
    8. When new metal greenhouse is used, residual grease, lubricants, Organic solvents and other substance should be removed.
  3. film installing:
    1. The film should be installed in the autumn season when the temperatures are between 15-250C avoid installing the film in the hot season (summer) and cold season (winter).
    2. When installing the film, note the film direction. The Anti-fog (anti-drip) should be directed to inside the greenhouse.
    3. Unpack the rolls just before installation. Don't leave the rolls unpacked in sun.
    4. Stretch the film evently across the greenhouse. The film should be stretched enough to avoid sagging in the hot season without over stretching the film.
    5. Install the covering film and curtains ant the same time.
    6. Take care not to damage the film when inserting the profile or nailing.
    7. Don't place assembly tools or sharp objects on the cover film.
    8. Repair holes and tears in the film using adhesive tape suitable for PE film.
    9. Installing the film on wood treated with disinfection substance will accelerates the film degradation.
    10. Metal green-houses: only galvanized steel should be used.
  4. After installation
    1. During the hot season, the greenhouse should be ventilated to avoid over heating and thermal degradation.
    2. When shading nets are used, make sure that the nets are secured and don't erode or damage the film.
    3. Clean the film (if necessary only) with water and sponge or cloth. Don't use brash and. Use pure water only; using polluted water with chemical will accelerate the film degradation.
    4. Film whitening only with suitable shading paint only.
  5. Cover film dimensions
    1. Film width: the film width should be calculated according to the following:
      1. Greenhouses with a span up to 7.5 meters, the width should be the greenhouse span plus 1 meter.
      2. Greenhouses with a span of 8.0 meters and over, the width should be the greenhouse span plus 1.5 meter.
      3. For tunnels, the width should be the archer length plus 2 meters.
    2. Film length: the length of the film should be about 5 meters 5 meters longer than the greenhouse/tunnel length.
  6. Film warrantee
    The films are warranted by A.A. Politiv (the manufacturer) against deterioration due to the action of UV radiation for the agreed period. The period starts when the films are put on the greenhouse. In case the films were put on the greenhouse later than 10 months from delivery, production date shall be considered as starting date of film life.
    The manufacture warranties the product, only if the above instructions were executed. In the event of premature failure (film’s tensile strength at break has fallen below 11 N/mm2) due to UV degradation, A.A. Politiv will offer the following discount on the purchase of a replacement film only:
    %Discount = (expected lifetime – time to failure)/expected lifetime x 100.
    No warranty is offered and no liability is undertaken for replacement costs or for damages to crop, loss of profit or indirect or consequential damages.
    • In the event of premature failure of any kind, the user is responsible to take measures to minimize any damage that is likely to occur.
    • Mechanical damage: failure due to mechanical damage of any kind, including impact, puncture, scratches, tear, contact with sharp edges of the greenhouse structure etc. is expressly excluded from this warranty.
    • Effect of the elements: failure due to strong wind, hale, storm or any other extreme weather conditions is expressly excluded from this warranty.
    • Overheating the film has an adverse effect on its lifetime. Hot air should be directed away from the film.
    • Exposure to chemicals: exposure of greenhouse films to severe chemical conditions has an adverse effect on the lifetime of the film. Avoid excessive use of agrochemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers.
  7. Handling of claims
    • To register a claim, contact the merchant, distributor or manufacturer from whom the film was purchased. Please provide the following information: Type of film, dimensions, complete printed code on the film, date supplied, date installed, date when problem was noticed, type and condition of structure, crop, pesticides used and their frequency, quantity of films that failed, which part of the film failed, any other relevant information
    • A sample of at least 1m2 must be sent to the manufacturer for evaluation.
    • In case it is not possible to provide a sample, photographs showing the fault and the printing must be provided.
    • The manufacturer and his representative must be allowed to inspect the site, and must be provided with all relevant information.
    • If the evaluation and analysis held by the manufacturer show that the failure is due to the quality of the film, the above conditions of warranty will apply.
    • In any different case, this warranty will not apply. The user has the right to submit the film to an independent laboratory of mutual acceptance.
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