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Community Contribution
A.A. Politiv put before her the good of the community as a supreme value. She is working to implement this principle throughout the year and makes sure to donate with generosity. Among a variety of operations are including the following:

A.A. Politiv assigns a monthly budget for lone soldiers (read more) and soldiers in need. The company sees high importance to this population, as who serve the country in spite of their difficulties at home. Therefore, the company tries to ease their difficulties by monthly financial contribution, coupons at holidays, clothing, home furnishings and more.

A.A. Politiv works for new immigrants with absorption difficulties. The company sees the importance of immigrants in the country's demographic balance and the difficulties of adjusting to living conditions in Israel's society. A.A Politiv contributes furniture, holiday shopping coupons, clothing and more.

For several years, A.A. Politiv donates, at the beginning of school year, school bags to pupils from first grade to twelfth grade from needy families. The pupils receive new school bags, including required equipment for a full school year (pencils, pens, notebooks, binders, pads, erasers, diaries, etc.). Meanwhile, it also takes care to recruit the next generation of young people to help with the donations, and thereby hopes to strengthen the affinity for contribute to the community.
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