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Top Sheets

Top sheet is a thin Polyethylene film applied to the top of a pallet mostly in conjunction with stretch film and warp to totally encapsulate pallet contents. Also, these covers can be placed under items that will be placed directly on ground or stacked on top of others. 


  • Economical advantage: Polyethylene top sheet is much more economical than corrugated top caps.

  • Dust protection: the top sheet cover protect the packed products from dust, dirt and other elements that may affect the look or damage the product during transit and storage.

  • Moisture/Water protection: Top cover sheet provides moisture protection and a level of water resistance. To have a water protection, stretch film on side should be applied first, and then top sheet should be applied and then locked into place by another stretch film layer. Appling top sheet first then locking in place with stretch film will provide moisture protection only.

Top sheet applying:

Top sheet can be spread either manually or automatically. When manually spread, perforated rolls are strongly recommended. The perforated sheets at the proper length, allows the operator to simply un-roll the top sheet fit to the set length and tear it off. With automatic spreading, and in order to avoid film jam, Anti-static top sheet film is recommended.

Top sheet sizing:

As mentioned above, the top sheet generally held in place and locked by stretch film. Thus, the top sheet should drape over the pallet four sides.    



Thickness (micron) Anti-Static UV
100-150 25-90 By demand By demand
160-250 25-90 By demand By demand
Above 250 (folded) 40-150 By demand By demand
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